Sabi Star Flower Appliqué
Free Crochet Appliqué Pattern, Easy and Quick
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Today, as the warmer weather is starting to sprout through the woodwork, thought, how cool it would be design a different type of flower. It’s the season, for the things that we have forgotten through the winter, to bring back the many different colors Mother Nature keeps blessing us with. This little Star Flower appliqué would be a great fit on a scarf, summer dress, spring/summer cardigan, or just to have to take photos with.

Spring is always fun to me. Opening the windows wide, letting that fresh crisp air in, seeing the little tendrils of green sprouting to the sunlight and starting to see the flowers take their color.
I am happy to have a designed this unique flower, to add to any design. Keep scrolling for the pattern.
Please Note: Don’t sell or claim this pattern in portion or in full as your own, as it belongs to Us. Please don’t use recreate or sell, any photo, as your own as they belong to Us. You may share, sell or add it as a decorative piece to your creations, but I encourage you to credit back to me as the pattern designer, using my website:; Instagram: @mm_crochet17 and using #mandmcrochet.

Hook: 5.5mm Hook or any other type of hook you desire ( I Love My Furls )
Yarn: 40yds any choice of #4 worsted weight or cotton yarn ( sample uses Vanna’s choice Lion Brand Yarn )
Notions: Stitch Markers (optional), Tapestry Needle (weaving), and Scissors
Gauge: NOT crucial to this pattern.
Use of US crochet Terminology. With going up or down in hook size, it will change the size of your flower. You may change colors after completing your sc and hdc rows, it’s not recommended, but would be great to see different colors. After the last stitch in the last row, you will slip stitch into the slip stitch before beginning the last row. The ch2 at the beginning of r3 does count as a stitch.
👇🏻Abbreviations Used👇🏻
MR-magic Ring Ch-chain SS- slip stitch SC- single crochet HDC- half double crochet DC- double Crochet TR- treble crochet R- Row **-repeat FO-fasten off
👇🏻Now Let’s Begin👇🏻
Start by creating a MR.
 R1: ch1, 10sc in mr. SS to first stitch to join.
 R2: ch1, hdc in each stitch. SS to first to join.
 R3: ch2 dc 2tr 2dc all in same stitch, sc in next stitch, *ss in next stitch ch2 dc 2tr 2dc all in the same stitch, sc in next stitch,* SS into the joining SS. 
 FO and weave in your ends.

Magic Ring and Row 1
Magic Ring, R1 & R2 completed. Start of R3.
Sabi Star Flower is complete!!
Thank you, for taking the time to stop by and make your flower. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact US. We are willing to answer any questions you have.

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