Wander Kit—Those Who Wander Cowl Kit
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Also, all the photos belong to Furls Crochet
Do you remember seeing the Palette Packs they released back in February?? Well this Kit uses 5...5 of the palette packs.
With this Kit it includes: Cowl Pattern+Wander Palette+Free Wander Tote, when you purchase the Kit. In addition to purchasing the Wander Kit, you can get 20% off any tool of your choice added to your cart (expect Knitting Needles), when using code: WANDERKITDISCOUNT. You must have a Kit in your cart in order to use code.
Did you know that the Wander Totes Hold up to 25 skeins of Yarn?? It’s a true and honest fact, completely!! So worth the investment!!
Also, with this Kit, you have the choice of creating your own Palette of the 14 colors. Say What?? You have that choice from choosing 1 of the 5 palettes or creating one based on you in your color choices.
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